- Desks and ARTECO products can be tailor made?
Yes, it is possible to create tailor-made products as the ARTECO has a department specializing in effective products out series.

- How many available finishes in the ARTECO collection?
A lot! Melamine are available in the colors gray, ivory, white, cherry, wenghe, walnut and maple.
In the real wood are available in walnut, maple and wenghe.
On special request we can perform products with other types of wood such as cherry, beech, oak, etc..

- In which materials are manufactured ARTECO furniture?
The ARTECO uses panels made from wood fiber from the most qualified European firms, using components and accessories at the same time among the most selected manufacturers.

- The ARTECO furniture are easy to maintain?
The materials used and the finishing adopted allow a fast and effective cleaning daily, using the most common products on the market.

- The furniture ARTECO covered by warranty?
All products ARTECO have 10 year warranty.