Sinouos ergonomic shapes of the wood panel reflect the best of the manual design Made in Italyobtaining an absolute value of quality and contemporaneity of the shapes.
Desks and meeting tables make unique and characterizing the managerial environments.

Anthracite grey colour combined with the refinement of elm create a glamorous ambiance.

The central inspectable leg allows a simple ascent of cables from the floor and simplify the distribution of wiring in the respective electrical sockets.

Total matt white is contrasted by the anthracite grey color making the environment harmonic and minimalist.

Invisible wiring and channeling allow you to maintain the design of the meeting table.

The warmth of walnut and the contemporaneity of mustard color match perfectly to a modern style.

Precious materials and soft colours present the elements in modern way with a refined design.

Cabinet characterized by a strong aesthetic and functional impact.

The elegance and the lightness of directional desk allow you to customize any kind of environment.